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Huge Research Breakthrough: Alcohol Fuels Unsafe Sex!

Hold onto your hats and try to stay with me here.  A new (probably expensive) study is reporting that alcohol effects decision making, and a person’s level of risky sexual behavior INCREASES AS MORE ALCOHOL IS CONSUMED!!  OMG!!  They’ve finally cracked the code!!  Up until now, I thought that it was just a coincidence that […]

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The Good News: Beer Makes You Attractive. The Bad News: It’s to Mosquitos.

We all know that drinking beer can lead to a pudgy midsection, dull reflexes and an over-inflated sense of self-confidence.  Now researchers at the University of Florida say we can add red itchy bumps to that list.  According to a recent study, a certain group of females seek out us beer drinkers over our teetotaling […]

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More Groundbreaking Science: Adults Get Drunk at Sporting Events

Earlier this week we shared an important scientific fact that you already knew: Caffeine and anti-inflammatories (you know, coffee and Advil) can help alleviate the symptoms of a hangover.  Really, Professor Obvious? Well, on the heels of that groundbreaking research comes another startling fact: People get drunk at sporting events.  Who knew?!  Oh, that’s right, […]

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