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Craft or Crap?: The Beer That Brad Pitt Tossed to Matthew McConaughey in New Orleans

This past weekend one legendary celebrity stoner (Brad Pitt of Honey Bear bong fame) tossed a beer to another legendary celebrity stoner (Matthew McConaughey of naked bongo playing fame), and the tabloid world was there to breathlessly cover every moment. McConaughey was hanging out on the balcony of Saints quarterback Drew Brees, which just happens […]

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Five Pop Culture Beers: The Good, The Bad and the Blue

Star Trek Vulcan Ale recently began beaming into beer stores across Canada, another sign that the day of the officially licensed craft beer is upon us. There have been a few movie and TV related brews that’ve sprung up over the years; some good, some great, and some pretty darn bad. Here are five that […]

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