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One-Handed Beer Football Needs its Own League

. What you see above is a game of one-handed Pabst Blue Ribbon football.  The rules are simple: you always MUST have a beer in your hand (and if you drop, you gotta chug), tackles are made by one-handed touch, and the first team to 70 points wins. It’s been played by a group of […]

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Pabst Blue Ribbon: A Hipster’s Paradise Lost

The crumbling remains of the Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery may be foretelling of this brand’s future.  Pabst Blue Ribbon has gone from blue collar, working class staple to almost extinct, to a resurgent hipster brand that has been closely identified with the folks who look like they are the product of a grunge artist and a preppy. […]

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PBR-Drinking Hipsters Rejoice: You Can Now Ironically Sip a Rheingold

Being a hipster must be exhausting.  You must ride the ever-changing line between geek and cool, unkempt and fashionable, organic and high-tech.  What was hiply-ironic last year may no longer cut it with the goodwill-blazer-with-an-iPhone 4G-in-the-pocket crowd this year. Take beer for example.  For a while now, the go-to brand for hipsters far and wide […]

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