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A New Label For Jack Daniels

Out with the wordy and in with the…well, less wordy.  I’m a little puzzled.  Maybe it is because Jack Daniels hadn’t changed their label in like forever, but why exactly is this news worthy?  They have just cleaned it up a bit.  They took off the line about Lem Motlow being the proprietor, I suppose […]

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Don’s top 5 Whiskeys for Noobs

OK, so some of you have really been brow beating me for this post, so here it is, and it better be one of my best traffic’d posts ever, since you have all been clamoring for it.  This is a symbiotic relationship…I produce, you read…Got me?!  OK, not that I’ve got that little bit off […]

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Age Statements

Father Time has his way of catching up with all of us.  There really are very few things that are affected by age.  There are the obvious ones like you have to be 16 to drive without restriction, you have to be 18 to enlist in the military, and you have to be 21 in […]

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Into the Wheat, Part 1

Well the comment heard round the whiskey blog world was when I said I didn’t like Makers Mark, and that I thought it tasted like 89 octane ethyl.  Where do you go from there?  It’s not like I can take it back, my very first post where I reviewed a whiskey was for Makers Mark, […]

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