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Big Bee…Er..I Mean Old Dominion Brewing Chimes In

Wednesday I put together an article warning about Big Beer’s influence on craft beer.  In this particular example I used Old Dominion’s Oak Barrel Stout as a beer that may have been influenced by the Big Beer bean counters.  Turns out all that speculation, was just that…speculation.  Yesterday I received a very nicely worded letter […]

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Big Beer Is Working Their Dark Magic…And I Didn’t Even Know It.

Yesterday I posted an article about ungettables I shared with some friends that were sent to me from Old Dominion Brewing.  In particular I liked the Oak Barrel Stout, but was confused as to why they used oak chips, but it was called oak barrel in the title.  Well yesterday I got my answer in […]

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A Mini Ungettables Tasting

I love having friends that have beer!  And what’s better is I love having friends that have Whiskey!  And what’s better still is I love having friends that have beer and whiskey that I can’t get, and they are willing and eager to share.  So it went last time I went into my local bottle […]

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