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Brewers Association American Craft Beer Week Event Locator (A.K.A. Why NJ Sucks!)

If you live under a rock, then I have some news for you: American Craft Beer Week started on Monday!  It’s week full of special craft beer events across the nation, unless you live in New Jersey, perhaps the lamest craft beer state in America.  Sure, we get some pretty awesome beers here, but the […]

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Help Make New Jersey a Better Place for Craft Brewers (and Craft Beer Drinkers)

Johnathan Moxey just alerted me to the fact that this is happening, which is kind of embarrassing, seeing as he’s from Missouri and lives in NYC, and I have lived in New Jersey for decades.  Anyway, my state is a crappy place to start a new brewery, and because of that, New Jersey has very […]

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