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Monk-Y Business

Monks, by and large, are an interesting lot.  Perhaps it is only because we see their antics and are not acquainted with their everyday lives that I think that, but the things they have come up with for entertainment certainly are interesting.  This is a picture of Buddhist Monks holding four spears that are supporting another […]

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They Go Together Like the Super Bowl and Commercials!

Why I’m talking about Beer and Food for the big game of course!  What better to do on Super Bowl Sunday but to have a few friends over, make a bunch of snacky food and have some great beers to top it all off.  If the game is good that is a bonus, and if […]

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What Did You Pick Up This Week?

So these are a couple of the cans I picked up this week.  The 21st Amendment Brewery has made the investment in a canning line, and beer–good beer–in a can is becoming more mainstream all the time as can technology and canning techniques have improved dramatically, and more breweries are making the investment, I’m sure […]

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