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Light Beer Makers Fighting Over Whose Can is Most Refreshing as the Whole Ship Sinks

Recent data shows that light beer sales will hit a 10-year low in 2015, another bleak milestone for this titanic beer category. But even as the S.S. Lite Beer begins to nosedive after hitting an iceberg with interesting facial hair (obviously craft brewers bringing them down), the makers of Bud Light and Coors Light are […]

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Fake Me Out at the Ballgame: “Craft Beer Night” Sponsored by MillerCoors

It seems there’s something foul going on at baseball stadiums across America, and it has nothing to do with balls. He-he, I said balls! 😀 First there was the “craft beer destination” at Yankee Stadium that was serving Blue Moon, Leinenkugel’s and Crispin Cider, three beverages that aren’t craft beer, at least according to the Brewers […]

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MillerCoors’ Tenth and Blake Acquires Crispin Cider

I’m very curious to see how the Big Boy Breweries are planning to infiltrate the craft beer world, and on Monday we got to see another piece of the puzzle. MillerCoors’ craft beer division Tenth and Blake just acquired Crispin Cider Company, a Minneapolis-based brewer of cider.  I’ll be honest – I didn’t know that […]

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MillerCoors Actively Buying Their Way Into Craft Beer World

Mike Esterl of the The Wall Street Journal recently posted an interview with MillerCoors Chief Executive Tom Long where they touched upon many subjects, including a new aluminum can Miller Lite will be launching this spring that has two openings; one for drinking and one that allows air into the can so the beer flows […]

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