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Two Days Late, But I Got BOO-zed for Halloween!

I guess you could say that I got BOO-zed and Cigared for Halloween!  I got home late last night because I’ve been working on project that is due on Friday, and we are in our typical crunch time when we have a hard and fast deadline. When I got home I was tired and hungry, […]

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The Super 8 Days of Christmas.

Back again!  Instead of doing a traditional Christmas day countdown like in the songs, I thought I would just describe my day and let you put things where you think they belong.  First this is the view off the balcony to my room.  I know it is a parking lot, but they gussied it up […]

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Midnight Sun TREAT: No Better Way to Spend 24 Hours of Daylight

One of the coolest things about living in Alaska was all the daylight in the summer…until it wasn’t.  See when you first get there and it is bright light out at 2:00 am in the morning it energizes you.  Its a rush like you might get from an energy drink.  I think it must be […]

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