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Rock N Roll and Beer: A Match Made On the Stairway to Heaven?…

I saw over at Beernews.org today that the Ithica Beer Company is brewing up a new IPA that they are dedicating to the band Phish.  This is not new territory for the band, as many of you are probably aware that Ben and Jerry’s has their delectable ice cream Called Phish Food.  This is a hopped up […]

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So if You Meet Me Have Some Courtesy, Have Some Sympathy, and Some Taste.

What kind of brew would name themselves after the devil?  That is what I had to ask myself when I decided to pick up and Avery Brewing Mephistopheles Stout.  I mean after all you might just loose many of your potential customers just based on the name alone, then I opened my bottle last night […]

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