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Its Madness I Say, Madness!

What do you get when you combine an insane amount of hops in a beer that uses plenty of two row malt and Munich malt, and age it in the bottle before releasing it?  Leafer Madness from Beer Valley Brewing in Ontario, Oregon.  Their web site states that in addition to the two malts there […]

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Those CRAZY Trappists!

OK…so these are Buddhist Monks, but the question is what kind of MONK-Y business do the Trappists get into? Think about a bunch of guys, all they do is brew beer and yeah pray some, I’m sure they need to sample their brew…I’m just saying I bet the Nun’s convent down the road has had […]

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Brews and Boos

Its October and the parade of pumpkin flavored beers has started down the beer aisle of your favorite stores and watering holes.  Who came up with the idea to put pumpkin in beer anyway?  The answer to that question may never be known completely, but one thing is certain there are a number of them […]

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