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Happy Novembeard!

With Halloween in the rearview mirror, it’s time to turn our attention the great autumnal tradition that is Novembeard.  It’s a time for men (and some old Italian women) to celebrate their god-given gift to grow facial hair. 

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The Philosophy of a Full Life

I’ve seen this little gem a few times over the years and stumbled across it again this morning. I have no idea where it originated from (or else I’d give credit where it’s due) but thought you might enjoy it as well.

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Facing Down the Big Aisle

It’s Friday, which is beer buying day for me.  I’ve found this awesome beer store that’s on my way home from work. It has an enormous selection of really amazing craft beers, good prices and lots of cashiers to get you out quick.  It sounds great on paper (or LCD) but why does it stress […]

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