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Laughing Dog’s Rocket Dog RIPA: Of Good Beer and Bad Labels

Let me start this post by saying that Fred Colby the owner of Laughing Dog Brewery is one of the nicest, warmest, most genuine people you will ever meet.  I am fortunate to know him, and even more fortunate to be able to call him a friend.  Also, what you need to know about Fred […]

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You Win This Time, Shmaltz Brewing!

So I’m a quirky guy sometimes, and I’m occasionally motivated by strange things.  Take beer labels for example.  If a label is too cartoony or the name of a beer is a pun, I’ll usually avoid it like the plague.  Something inside my head tells me that if they’re trying so hard on the label, […]

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Drinking in the Super 8 Motel!

Well I find myself back in Grangeville, Idaho.  Another project meeting at the highway district tomorrow at 1:00pm.  With the weather being unpredictable I chose to come up the day before and hang out at the hotel room for the evening while I watched the end of the Independence Bowl and the final broadcast of […]

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