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Chicago Liquor License Would Prohibit Selling Crappy Beer

This is what every liquor license would look like if beer snobs ran the world. The Garden Gourmet, a grocery store in Chicago’s East Village, may be granted a liquor license that allows them to sell only craft beer and higher-end wine.  No booze, no malt liquor, no fortified wines, no Budweiser.  In other words, […]

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This is Why Beer Laws Suck

There’s an interesting article on the Denver Edition of Westworld.com about an unnamed restaurant in Colorado’s Lower Highlands that was serving “contraband” beers from New Glarus. The bar manager Mike Henderson hails from Madison, Wisconsin, and has a pipeline back to the land of cheese and sausage that allows him to get a steady stream […]

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Should Moonshot 69 be Spared from the “Four Loko” Law?

If you’ve seen the movie Beer Wars, then you know who Rhonda Kallman is.  She’s the former Sam Adams executive who started her own beer company called Moonshot 69, which she calls a “premium beer with caffeine.”  Her product fell victim to the ban on caffeinated alcoholic beverages that was enacted to keep stupid college […]

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