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Beer Tasting: Sam Adams Latitude 48 IPA Desconstructed 12 Pack

Sometimes experiments provide unexpected results.  Taoist monks set out to create an immortality pill and wound up creating gunpowder.  Scientists tried to create a drug to stop chest pain and wound up creating Viagra.  Sam Adams set out to showcase how individual hops affect the flavor of beer only to demonstrate that there’s a good […]

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Beer Rumor: Sam Adams Latitude 48 IPA Variety Pack Coming Soon. Say Hello to Beer School in a Box!

If you have ever doubted that the heart of a beer geek beats inside the chest of the Boston Beer Company, look no further than the Latitude 48 IPA Variety Pack that Sam Adams should be releasing in the coming weeks (or months – the 8 Ball is still fuzzy on this, but we’ve heard […]

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