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The Great Beer and Whiskey Brother’s Single Barrel Showdown: And the Winner Is…

Well, this has taken me far longer than I anticipated, but at last I have found the winner of our first ever Single Barrel Showdown.  I left off in the middle of round two, with one challenge left.  That was the upstart new single barrel bourbon from Beam, Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve vs. Evan […]

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Wathen’s Single Barrel v. Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve: And the Winner,By the Narrowest of Margins, Is…

  Here it is, the last of the first round matchups!  And I think that it is fitting that this was the absolute closest match so far.  You might think that it would be one sided with the New Knob Creek being so close to barrel strength and all, but it was by no means […]

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Knob Creek Bourbon…The Real Deal!

Think back to about 15 months ago when there was a shortage of Knob Creek Bourbon.  Some say it was a manufactured crisis as some areas had plenty and never ran out and other places didn’t have any on the shelves for almost 6 months.  We talked about it here.  Well, that is ancient history […]

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