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5 Reasons I DO NOT Want a Kegerator

I’ve had a happy little dream brewing in the back of my brain for the past several years.  In it, there are two tap handles sticking out from the door of my beer fridge in the garage, one a fount of New Holland Dragons Milk, the other a free-flowing supply of a lovely pale ale. […]

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The Problem with Having a Beer Tap in the House

I enjoy brewing beer, but I detest bottling it, so for my latest batch of home brew I tried something new.  Instead of filling dozens of bottles of beer, I purchased a Tap-A-Draft system from Northern Brewer and filled two 6 liter plastic bottles instead.  It was simple, but now I have a problem – […]

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Help Me Kegerate This Puppy!

I enjoy brewing beer, but I’ve been procrastinating lately because I DETEST bottling. After having a Northern Brewer kit on the dining room table for a few months, I realize that I’m not going to get any closer to brewing without coming up with a bottling solution. So my solution is to NOT bottle, but […]

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