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Great Whiskey Challenge??

So this is what I feel like after the first round of the Great Whiskey Challenge of 2012.  See I got almost everything wrong based upon price, but based on flavor I still contend I’m spot on.  Here is how it broke down. Remember I said: All in all for those that are keeping score […]

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Jim Beam Devil’s Cut: Affordable Luxury

When you Google “affordable luxury” on images, all manner of pictures come up for your perusal.  I found this one to be the most hilarious!  In and amongst all the Audi’s, BMWs, diamonds, and luxury resorts (none of which are very affordable in my world) was this photo which represents “Affordable Luxury” in Cambodia!  This […]

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What’s Going On at Beam,*GULP* Innovation?..

Yes, another new product on the way from the folks at Jim Beam.  Chuck Cowdery discusses this new release on his very good blog about the whiskey world and points out that this follows on the heels of several other new releases including Jim Beam Signature, Old Crow Reserve, and Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve. […]

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