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Jura 10, What a Difference 6 Years Makes!

What a difference 6 years makes!  Last week I reviewed Jura 16, the 16 year old Single Malt whisky from the isle of Jura.  That was a very viscous fruity smelling, caramel and vanilla delight.  Jura 10 is a different character entirely.  Don’t let the bottle fool you, this whisky is a total departure from […]

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Jura 16: Slow Down and Smell the Flowers.

Yesterday was a hectic day.  It began well enough, sleeping in until about 9 am (a real luxury in my house), with morning coffee and the paper, and some good conversation with my wife.  That afternoon however was where it all began to fall apart.  See lately my wife has been into the whole coupon […]

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