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Dogfish Head Reveals Final Ingredient for Grateful Dead Brew (and it sounds tasty)

Last October, Dogfish Head announced they were taking suggestions for the final ingredient of American Beauty, an Imperial Pale Ale they are brewing as a tribute to the Grateful Dead. They were looking to add something to the brew that reflected the connection between Deadheads and the band.  I made several suggestions over at Today.com, […]

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POLL: What’s the Most Important Ingredient in Beer?

Over on my TODAY post…uh…today, I review a quartet of gluten-free beers, which are brewed without the traditional grains (no barley, no wheat, no oats allowed).  As a result, they are mostly poor substitutes for “real” beers brewed with gluten-rich grains.  It’s basically no grains, no good. That got me to thinking – what’s the […]

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