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Homebrew Question: What’s the Most Important Batch You’ve Ever Brewed?

Homebrewing for special occasions is more common than I thought.  I realized this as I started doing research (which should be a four letter word) for this week’s Today Show article, which is all about guys who homebrewed for their own weddings (you can find it here). I stayed on the topic of brewing for […]

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Home Brewing: What Lurks Behind the Shower Curtain of Shame?

Yesterday I posted the five things I hate about craft beer, and number five on that list was homebrewing.  While I love the IDEA of homebrewing, I tend to slack off when it comes to actually doing the work, which leads to guilt, which leads to stress, which leads to me saying I hate homebrewing […]

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Americans Spending More Time Sleeping, Watching TV, Brewing Their Own Beer

The Bureau of Labor Statistics just released their 2010 Time Use Survey and it looks as if the nation’s employment landscape is changing the way we live.  Time.com’s Brad Tuttle is all over it. First the obvious news – Americans are spending more time than ever watching TV (2.1 hours per day, up 5.4 minutes […]

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