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Why St. Patrick’s Day Doesn’t Matter to Beer Geeks

I’ve come to a sad conclusion – St. Patrick’s Day is largely irrelevant for beer geeks.  Years ago (before I knew better about beer) it was a day to wear something green and enjoy a Guinness or a Killian’s Irish Red with some friends.  It was a national beer holiday of sorts, a day where […]

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Check Out Our Holiday Podcast

Well, the holidays are upon us and Don and I took to our microphones to create a special holiday edition of the Beer and Whiskey Brothers podcast. Listen in as we review a few seasonal beers (and I bitch about them), Don reviews one of his favorite holiday whiskeys, and we talk about the stuff […]

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What’s Your Go To BBQ Beer?

Labor Day is this weekend, and Don and I are both planning on grilling and chillin’ with our families. We’ve also decided to record a “grill session” podcast to commemorate this last great cooking-meat-over-an-open flame weekend of the summer. The main subject will be the “best beers for barbecuing,” and we’d love to hear your […]

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