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Glad I’m Not A Hipster, Because Pabst Blue Ribbon Sucks!

Jim and I have discussed our family history with PBR, and I have even discussed PBR’s recent history on the blog here.  Jim and my history with this beer began when we were children.  Our aunt worked for Pabst for a long time (almost 20 years) and it was my father’s beer of choice for […]

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Is the New Oskar Blues “Reeb” Mountain Bike the Ultimate in Hipster Transportation?

Word out of Longmont, Colorado is that craft brewer Oskar Blues is getting into the bicycle building business.  They’ve created a new brand for the bike called “Reeb” (beer pedaled in reverse), and their first model will be a mountain bike.  Colorodoan.com shared the following details: Chad Melis, marketing director for Oskar Blues, said the […]

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PBR-Drinking Hipsters Rejoice: You Can Now Ironically Sip a Rheingold

Being a hipster must be exhausting.  You must ride the ever-changing line between geek and cool, unkempt and fashionable, organic and high-tech.  What was hiply-ironic last year may no longer cut it with the goodwill-blazer-with-an-iPhone 4G-in-the-pocket crowd this year. Take beer for example.  For a while now, the go-to brand for hipsters far and wide […]

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