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Privacy-Invading Website Shows Just How Popular Hangovers Are

My buddy and fledgling pro-brewer Bill Bennett just shared this scary bit of business on Facebook.  It’s a “social networking privacy experiment” called We Know What You’re Doing .com which collects unflattering public Facebook status updates and posts them to their site. There are four categories on the site: Who wants to get fired? (people […]

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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Drinks a Heineken

Below is a video interview with the kids over at Facebook way back in 2005, as they are celebrating their 3 millionth user with a keg of Heineken.  Yes, Heineken. 

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My Newest Facebook Friend

I’ll fess up – I’m a bit of a Facebook whore.  If you send me a friend request, I’ll probably accept it as long as you’re not a really hot chick with only one picture on your profile and broken English on your Wall.  I also tend to avoid folks with facial tattoos, which probably […]

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InfoGraphic: Beer is Always the Right Answer

[Click to Enlarge] . . Here’s a very cool infographic developed by Melissa Schmechel from Darlingville Design. It’s part of a Facebook contest that Sixpoint is sponsoring. They have asked designers to develop art around the concept of “Beer is Culture” and what you see above is Melissa’s contribution.  She posted it to our Facebook wall […]

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