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Avery Joe’s Pilsner: Value You Can Taste…Finally!

Finally a Pilsner I can get behind!  Avery Joe’s Pilsner was Avery Brewings first foray into canning beer.  It was their first release in cans about a year ago.  I talked about it here.  Well it finally made its way to Idaho (only took a year)!  As soon as I saw it I picked a […]

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Boulevard Collaboration #1: The Price is Right?!!

Don Galligan…C’mon Down!  You’re the next sucker to buy this beer!  At least that is what I felt like after I opened the Boulevard Collaboration #1 Imperial Pilsner.  You know I had heard it from others saying they wouldn’t pay that much for a Pilsner, but I thought I knew so much more than them! […]

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