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New Belgium Lips of Faith Cocoa Mole Ale: This stuff is wild!

I am so glad that New Belgium made this beer.  Why, you might ask?  Because this beer, more than any other that is available commercially from them, has restored my faith in the brewing chops at New Belgium.  This beer is an ale that is brewed with cocoa and spices and comes in at 9% […]

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My Thanksgiving Beer Plan: Malty, Earthy, then Sweet

Turkey Day is tomorrow, and I’m finally getting around to planning the beer portion of the proceedings.  Last year I broke the day down into three beer courses: before the meal, the feast itself, and the afterglow.  I’m thinking along the same lines this year, with a few different beers and even *gasp* a little […]

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Four Beers and a Funeral

This is how my weekend started.  With a funeral.  A Funeral for my Son.  A funeral for his Bachelorhood!  Yes, my Son got married this weekend, and the festivities were great.  This kicked it off with a lunch put on by his co-workers.  He is working a summer job in Boise in a Carpenter shop […]

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