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Chicago Liquor License Would Prohibit Selling Crappy Beer

This is what every liquor license would look like if beer snobs ran the world. The Garden Gourmet, a grocery store in Chicago’s East Village, may be granted a liquor license that allows them to sell only craft beer and higher-end wine.  No booze, no malt liquor, no fortified wines, no Budweiser.  In other words, […]

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Blame the Bartender?: A Unique View of the Greg Hall Peeing in a Beer Glass Story

Many folks are disgusted by the recent behavior of Goose Island brewmaster Greg Hall, who relieved himself into two beer glasses at Bangers and Lace in Chicago on Friday.  Baternder Matty Eggleston (pictured above) was left behind to clean up the mess, and decided to contact the Chicago Tribune and make a PR mess for […]

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