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So America, Belgium, Germany and England Have the Beer Olympics – Who Gets the Gold?

I’ll admit I’m a little nationalistic when it comes to craft beer.  Our country might have its share of problems, but I think we brew some amazing beer in America, perhaps the best in the world. This got me to thinking what would happen if Britain threw a party (lets say one where everyone wore […]

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My Three Rules for a Celebrity Beer

I recently heard the news that Michigan Brewing Company, brewers of Kid Rock’s American Badass beer, went belly up.  While it’s sad to see a craft brewery go under and get gutted at auction by MillerCoor’s craft beer division Tenth and Blake, I’m kind of pleased to see a “celebrity” beer bite the dust. Nothing […]

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Axl Rose Demands Lucky Budha Beer, Patron Anejo Tequila and Bear-Shaped Honey

It must be cool to be a rock star, even a washed up one who is known to be a major PIA.  Blic Online has posted the rider (a list of backstage demands) for the “Gun & Roses” – or Axl and the Replacements – show in Belgrade on September 23rd. Besides a black room […]

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