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A New Label For Jack Daniels

Out with the wordy and in with the…well, less wordy.  I’m a little puzzled.  Maybe it is because Jack Daniels hadn’t changed their label in like forever, but why exactly is this news worthy?  They have just cleaned it up a bit.  They took off the line about Lem Motlow being the proprietor, I suppose […]

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Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project

This is a project that Buffalo Trace has been working on for over ten years.  It is intriguing, but at the same time a bit confusing.  This is Called the Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project.  It started with 96 American White Oak trees from the Missouri Ozarks.  The trees were selected for their grains, some tightly grained […]

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Another New Whiskey, and More Innovation

Buffalo Trace Distillery has just released an artizan bourbon that is Bottle In Bond and uses a unique souring method for the mash used in the make.  This whiskey is 100 proof and aged for 9 years, so it already sounds like it fits the bill for a good whiskey experience. This is named after […]

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Age Statements

Father Time has his way of catching up with all of us.  There really are very few things that are affected by age.  There are the obvious ones like you have to be 16 to drive without restriction, you have to be 18 to enlist in the military, and you have to be 21 in […]

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Why Are the Flag Ships Sinking? Whiskey #7 Buffalo Trace

The notion of a flag ship is an interesting concept.  A ship that bears the name of origin that represents the absolute best that a corporation, nation, or world power has to offer.  That seems to apply to just about every example except the bourbon industry. If you travel to New York City and stay […]

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