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Buffalo Bill’s Orange Blossom Ale: Strike One!

I’m not sure how you all do it, but when it comes to beer drinking I’m a little adventurous until I get burned.  Buffalo Bills Brewery has produced a couple of beers that I have really enjoyed over the last few months.  I started with them with their pumpkin beer in October, which I really […]

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I Found My Thrill…

Man do I love Blueberries!  They are perhaps my favorite fruit.  Every time we go to the Oregon coast we make sure we are there in time for blueberry season.  We go to the U-Pick farms and everyone gets a coffee can that has a rope threaded through it to suspend it from their neck […]

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Brews and Boos

Its October and the parade of pumpkin flavored beers has started down the beer aisle of your favorite stores and watering holes.  Who came up with the idea to put pumpkin in beer anyway?  The answer to that question may never be known completely, but one thing is certain there are a number of them […]

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