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Like Beer For Chocolate…

I went to my first ever “Beer Event” the other night and it was a pairing where we drank beer and ate chocolate in various forms.  I must say it was pretty fun, and beer people are just good people to be around and hang out with.  Now I’ve been to GABF in Denver last […]

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It Worked, WooHoo! Brewforia Can Ship Again.

Well everyone, it worked.  Brewforia the beer market in Boise that also ships beer via an internet business will be getting shipping contracts in place this week with both FedEx and UPS.  We’ve been making a lot of noise on this site over the last few days to try and help out a local Entrepreneur with a […]

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Why Do UPS and FedEx Hate Beer?…or do they?

This is an issue that my Beer Guy and friend Rick Boyd at the Brewforia Beer Market has been grappling with for the last several months.  It seems that someone within UPS or FedEx hates beer.  So much so that they are refusing to ship product from the Brewforia Beer Market in Boise, Idaho.  See […]

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