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Beyond TODAY: Three Flavor Notes that Make a Good Beer Go Bad

Beyond TODAY is an extension of our weekly column for the TODAY Show food blog. Over there, I talk about how an off flavor ruined my last chance with a very highly regarded beer. Over here, we’re looking at other flavors that make a good beer taste bad (at least to me).   Click here to […]

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Stone Cali-Belgique IPA: Born to be Wild?

What happened?  IPAs used to be cool.  Their strong, bitter, in your face style was for the serious beer drinker.  Someone who wanted to wake up after a night out smelling of cigarettes and not sure who, or what was in the bed beside them.  What happened?…Indeed.  See we are becoming a nation of watered […]

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The Redder the Better?

Nothing evokes more of an emotional response than the color red.  It seems people either love it or hate it, and there are fewer people in the middle than other colors.  I fall in the middle, I think some things red are great, and others are not so good.  Take for example hair.  My wife […]

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