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Boston Beer Buys L.A.’s Angel City Brewing in Alan Newman’s First Move with Company

In November, we reported that Magic Hat founder Alan Newman had signed on with Boston Beer (the makers of Sam Adams) and was given a clean sheet of paper to help expand that company’s craft beer offerings.  Newman’s subsidiary has been dubbed “Alchemy and Science” (Alan clearly loves magic) and has just made it’s first […]

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Sam Adams is Banking That There’s Some Magic Left in Alan Newman’s Hat

Magic Hat founder Alan Newman has recently landed a pretty sweet gig with Jim Koch and Sam Adams.  Newman was forced out of Magic Hat 14 months ago after it was sold off to North American Breweries.  At that point, he decided to give up his beer career, write a business book and hit the […]

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Oskar Blues: Ten Fidy Out, There’s a new GUBNA in Town

As a guy who cherishes awesome beer in cans, I’m excited and a saddened about the latest news from Oskar Blues.  To catch you up, they’ve put Ten Fidy on seasonal status (now available from October to February) and have replaced it for the warmer months with the GUBNA (pronounced with a laconic Southern drawl), […]

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