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Brewer Shaves Beard, Loses Magical Beer Making Powers

It’s been well established that beer geeks and brewers love facial hair, the shaggier and scruffier, the better.  What’s less well known is that, like the biblical strongman Samson, some brewers’ magical powers lie solely in their facial hair. New Holland Brewing Company’s woodmaster Tim Faith is learning this the hard way. Up until recently, […]

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VIDEO: Beer Geeks Can’t Resist a Magical Beard!

. . This video created by photographer Ben Garvin shares one very important life lesson – if you have a magical beard, one with a life of its own that can hide crayons and consume an entire cucumber – you’d best not let shaving cream touch it. That could kill the host. 

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Boy Scouts with Beards

I posted the other day about how it’s Novembeard, a time to celebrate the manly joys of growing facial hair.  Apparently the Boy Scouts got the memo.  Check out their latest ad campaign from the folks over at Ogilvy.  Manly boys! I was a Boy Scout for a while when we lived in Iowa in […]

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