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Guess Which Brewer is Getting Their Own “Reality Show”?

Not long ago, Sam Calagione’s show Brew Masters was cancelled by the Discovery Channel (or as Sam says, it wasn’t renewed).  The plot soon thickened when iconoclastic chef Anthony Bourdain tweeted that Brew Masters was killed by “Big Beer” who threatened to pull their ads off of Discovery and its sister networks if the show […]

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Sam Calagione Talks About What’s Next After Brew Masters

Don and I spoke with Dogfish Head’s big fish Sam Calagione today, and we asked about the TV show Brew Masters and what comes next for Dogfish Head and mass media.  Sam’s answer was pretty exciting. Sam told us that he’s still working with Zero Point Zero, the production company that filmed Brew Masters, but […]

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Was Brewmasters Killed by “Big Beer”?

If you recall, we were the ones who said definitively that the Discovery show Brewmasters was dead.  There were a lot of folks who said we were wrong, but we had it on good authority that the show was done. Now we have it on even better authority. 

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