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Humans Wasted Over 9 Million Years Not Making Booze

A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says that our human ancestors first gained the ability to consume alcohol roughly 10 million years ago.  That’s when genetic changes made it possible for our primate forebearers to properly digest ethanol, that silly psychoactive substance we call alcohol. 

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Inspirational Photos: Drinking in Moderation

Not sure what drove me to do this, but I’ve created a series of photo meme’s around the topic of drinking in moderation.  Enjoy! 

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Study Finds That Young Drinkers Remember the Good, Downplay the Bad

A study from the University of Washington is shedding some light on a phenomenon that many of us may have some experience with.  The study shows that young adults acknowledge the positive effects from alcohol consumption and tend to gloss over the negative ones. It’s a sort of selective memory. They remember that their jokes […]

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