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Beer That Won’t Give You a Hangover Isn’t Much of a Beer

Australia is a country of extremes – their alcoholic sports fans bury beer a week before racing events to circumvent the 24-cans-per-day limit, and their spiders are terrifying.  But this story from Time.com reveals a different side of Australian extremism, because the “no hangover” beer they’ve developed Down Under is extremely silly, for exactly 2.3 […]

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Does a Higher ABV in a Beer Warrant a Higher Price? Let’s Break It Down…

I posted about Bud Light Platinum yesterday, a boozed up version of Bud Light, that raises the alcohol by volume in the beer by almost 50%, from 4.2% to 6%.  As the name “Platinum” infers, this is intended to be a premium version of a pedestrian beer – Bud Light turned up to 11.  But […]

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