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To Dram or Not to Dram? That Is the Question.

As many of you know, I have not been real keen on Whisky (without the “e”) or Scotch Whisky as we call it here in the States.  This has to do with an incident I had in College which has made the strong peaty flavor of whisky off putting for me.  But through this blog, […]

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The Glenlivet 12 Year: I Finally Found a Scotch Whisky I Love!

It finally happened!  After 25 years of abstinence I have to abstain no longer.   There is a story here of college-aged overindulgence.  See I used to drink fizzy yellow beer like everyone else.  My beer I drank to impress was Michelob, but the standard in the dormatory was Old Style.  I grew tired (at a very […]

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Standing on Principle-Elijah Craig 12 Year Old

The Reverend Elijah Craig was a very principled man.  He was a Baptist minister that is credited with working with James Madison in 1777 to ensure that freedom of Religion was put into the Constitution of the United States.  He had a calling to spread God’s message to the west, so in 1781 he led his […]

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