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Sam Calagione Wishes “Brew Dogs” Great Success

I just had a chat with Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione for a piece I’m working on.  While the topic wasn’t on the agenda, I just had to ask for his thoughts on Brew Dogs, the new craft beer television show featuring the brew-fueled antics James Watt and Martin Dickie from Scotland’s BrewDog craft […]

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Can “Brew Dogs” thrive where “Brew Masters” failed?

. . If you’re a long-term reader of this blog, you know I have a thing against the blokes from BrewDog, the Scottish craft brewers that pumped out such undrinkable, attention-whoring beers like Tactical Nuclear Penguin, The End of History (featuring roadkill stuffed with bottles), and Royal Virility Performance, a beer brewed with Viagra to celebrate […]

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Sam Calagione Talks About What’s Next After Brew Masters

Don and I spoke with Dogfish Head’s big fish Sam Calagione today, and we asked about the TV show Brew Masters and what comes next for Dogfish Head and mass media.  Sam’s answer was pretty exciting. Sam told us that he’s still working with Zero Point Zero, the production company that filmed Brew Masters, but […]

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