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Glad I’m Not A Hipster, Because Pabst Blue Ribbon Sucks!

Jim and I have discussed our family history with PBR, and I have even discussed PBR’s recent history on the blog here.  Jim and my history with this beer began when we were children.  Our aunt worked for Pabst for a long time (almost 20 years) and it was my father’s beer of choice for […]

How Having a Beer with Entourage’s Adrian Grenier Made Me Appreciate Hipsters

It’s been well-documented in this space that I have a problem with hipsters. There’s something about those people and their “fixie” bikes and their trucker hats and their ironic facial hair and their koi fish tattoo sleeves and they’re lumberjack shirts and their love of Pabst Blue Ribbon that makes me want to expose them […]

Is the New Oskar Blues “Reeb” Mountain Bike the Ultimate in Hipster Transportation?

Word out of Longmont, Colorado is that craft brewer Oskar Blues is getting into the bicycle building business.  They’ve created a new brand for the bike called “Reeb” (beer pedaled in reverse), and their first model will be a mountain bike. shared the following details: Chad Melis, marketing director for Oskar Blues, said the […]

Pabst Blue Ribbon: A Hipster’s Paradise Lost

The crumbling remains of the Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery may be foretelling of this brand’s future.  Pabst Blue Ribbon has gone from blue collar, working class staple to almost extinct, to a resurgent hipster brand that has been closely identified with the folks who look like they are the product of a grunge artist and a preppy. […]

PBR-Drinking Hipsters Rejoice: You Can Now Ironically Sip a Rheingold

Being a hipster must be exhausting.  You must ride the ever-changing line between geek and cool, unkempt and fashionable, organic and high-tech.  What was hiply-ironic last year may no longer cut it with the goodwill-blazer-with-an-iPhone 4G-in-the-pocket crowd this year. Take beer for example.  For a while now, the go-to brand for hipsters far and wide […]

Humans Wasted Over 9 Million Years Not Making Booze

A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says that our human ancestors first gained the ability to consume alcohol roughly 10 million years ago.  That’s when genetic changes made it possible for our primate forebearers to properly digest ethanol, that silly psychoactive substance we call alcohol. 

Craft or Crap?: The Beer That Brad Pitt Tossed to Matthew McConaughey in New Orleans

This past weekend one legendary celebrity stoner (Brad Pitt of Honey Bear bong fame) tossed a beer to another legendary celebrity stoner (Matthew McConaughey of naked bongo playing fame), and the tabloid world was there to breathlessly cover every moment. McConaughey was hanging out on the balcony of Saints quarterback Drew Brees, which just happens […]

Beer Poll: Is Serving Beer at Movie Theaters a Good Thing or a Bad Idea?

Beer being served at movie theaters isn’t exactly a new thing.  AMC has had their Dine-In Theatres (complete with waitstaff that deliver beer or wine to your seat) for a while now, and most metro areas have one or two independent movie houses that offer a selection of tasty craft beers to enjoy while watching […]

Choosing the Right Beer to Pair With SyFy’s Original Movie “Sharknado”

. I’ll admit it – my excitement over tonight’s premiere of the the SyFy Channel’s original film Sharknado is probably a little out of proportion with the quality of the film itself.  I don’t know why, but this schlockfest about killer sharks thrown into peoples lives by a hurricane has me absolutely brimming with excitement. […]

Proof that Budweiser REALLY Wants You to Love Black Crown

The evolution and launch of Black Crown, Budweiser’s latest attempt to throw a white collar around a red neck, shows that the mega-brewer is trying like hell to drag its brand into the 21st century. You can see it in the way the beer came to market and in the crazy media kit they sent […]

Five Beer Stereotypes That I Wish Would Disappear

I recently wrote about how my uneasiness with Renaissance Faire play-actors has kept me from trying mead, a form of honey wine that’s been around for thousands of years.  Every time I see it on the shelf, my thoughts immediate go to men and women dressed up in medieval garb, putting on thick accents and […]

My Three Rules for a Celebrity Beer

I recently heard the news that Michigan Brewing Company, brewers of Kid Rock’s American Badass beer, went belly up.  While it’s sad to see a craft brewery go under and get gutted at auction by MillerCoor’s craft beer division Tenth and Blake, I’m kind of pleased to see a “celebrity” beer bite the dust. Nothing […]

Sexy Data: Just Whose Ass is Craft Beer Kicking? recently shared some interesting statistics about which big beer brands have declined most rapidly over the past five years.  These, presumably, are the beers that have suffered the most at the hands of those pesky rebels in the craft beer industry.

Masskrugstemmen, the Sport of Holding Beer

Loyal reader and bear enthusiast John King pointed me to a piece in the Wall Street Journal about the sport of Masskrugstemmen.  What the hell is Masskrugstemmen you ask?  Don’t feel bad, I had no idea either. 

The Good News: Beer Makes You Attractive. The Bad News: It’s to Mosquitos.

We all know that drinking beer can lead to a pudgy midsection, dull reflexes and an over-inflated sense of self-confidence.  Now researchers at the University of Florida say we can add red itchy bumps to that list.  According to a recent study, a certain group of females seek out us beer drinkers over our teetotaling […]