Victory St. Boisterous: Yeah, That’s the Ticket!

I'm in jail for a parking ticket, I mean murder. Yeah, I'm in jail for murder, that's the ticket!

Some folks are so competitive, it’s almost pathological.  The minute you see them you know you’re in for an earful of how great they’re doing, how much money they’re making or whatever their latest conquest or acquisition might be.  And don’t bother trying to top them – whatever you’ve achieved, they’ve done better, whether it’s true or not.  Just ask them.  The word boorish comes to mind.  So does Jon Lovitz’s character from the good old days of SNL, Tommy Flanagan. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

But sometimes you run across someone who’s so good, you don’t care that they wear it on their sleeve.  The difference between deciding if someone is “confident” or “cocky” is whether or not you agree with their high opinion of themselves.  In Victory Brewing’s case, they’ve put themselves out there by choosing to name their latest lager St. Boisterous.  But does this hellerbock live up to its braggadocios name?  

In a word, yes.

It starts with the nose, which boasts of the rich caramel and malt flavors that await you, mixed with hints of pear and honey, with just a whiff of hops.

St. Boisterous’ taste convincingly cashes the checks that its nose has written, delivering a rich caramel flavor and a lingering bitterness with just a tiny metallic twinge.  the mouthfeel is quite smooth, making this is very easy beer to drink quickly.

So once again Victory delivers a classic flavor with flair and punch.  Although brewed as spring beer, St. Boisterous is a great companion for a sunny summer day, as it’s light body won’t weigh you down and it’s big, smooth flavor will keep you coming back.  Just pace yourself.

With an ABV of 7.3%, this is a sturdy lager, but you really can’t taste the alcohol.  This might lead to you might be doing some bragging of your own after a couple of these deceptively smooth beauties.  You’ve been warned.

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