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Buffalo Bill’s Orange Blossom Ale: Strike One!

I’m not sure how you all do it, but when it comes to beer drinking I’m a little adventurous until I get burned.  Buffalo Bills Brewery has produced a couple of beers that I have really enjoyed over the last few months.  I started with them with their pumpkin beer in October, which I really […]

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Saranac Strikes Back!

If you recall, I was really disappointed that my first installment of the Beer of the Month Club included two beers from Saranac, a brewery I really don’t care for at all.  It took a little while, but apparently the kids over at Saranac caught wind of my clearly expressed negative opinion and decided to […]

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Beer of the Month Club: Round Two

Well, I’ve received my second shipment from the Beer of the Month Club and I’m happy to report that there’s not a bottle of Saranac to be found.  Instead, there are four nice little beers, two from a brewery called Sherwood Forest out of Marlborough, Massachusetts and two from Sweetwater Brewery in Atlanta, Georgia. I was happy […]

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The Beer of the Month Club Strikes Back!

I received a response from Brett Olson of the Beer of the Month Club about my recent Saranac rant.  I went on their site and clicked around and discovered that they’re total beer nerds, so I dropped them a line about my post so they could defend themselves.  Brett sent such a well written response,  I’ve decided to […]

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The Best Thing About the Beer of the Month Club is the Box

My kind and lovely wife decided to do something nice for me this Christmas and signed me up for a Beer of the Month Club.  I was excited when I came home last Friday evening to discover a large box on the kitchen table.  I carefully opened it and pulled off the protective carton to […]

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